Mashup registration is now open

1- Do you have a team? If so get your team captain to start the registration

  • TIP#1 Follow the instructions on the Registration page to sign up your team
  • TIP#2 What makes a good team?
    • Focus on the skills your team as a whole can bring to the event.
    • Recruit team members from your class, but also be sure to rope in friends who are doing other classes.

eg - if you are doing Business Studies, talk with people you know who are doing Digital Technologies, English, Art, Design etc.

Essentially you are building a team with a wide and varied skill  set.

  • Why a range of skills?
    • a business needs different people with different skills to work
    • Mashup is a competition with a cash prize!¬† Increase your chance of winning a prize by entering a well balanced team!

2- Don't have a team but want to Mashup?

No problem! Fill in the details for one participant.
You will have the opportunity to meet others before Mashup to form a team.

Go register now!